Loans on cars

What are the advantages of getting a loan for your car with us?

When we are in an economic slump, often the pressure makes us act almost spontaneously and we get loans that often solve our problem immediately, but eventually end up being a much heavier burden. High interests, hidden clauses, infinite deadlines, are some of the most common problems when acquiring a monetary credit. The process for a bank to make a capital loan is slow and very cumbersome if you are not a customer of it. Many times we do not have the time, nor do we comply with the demanding list of requirements, so buying it is simply impossible.

The department stores usually offer cards to their customers, with these cards you can buy many products within their branches and also have some benefits. Among these benefits, there is the possibility of acquiring money that is deferred in installments to the account they have. However, in most of these stores, interest rates are higher than 100% of CAT. CAT is called the total annual cost of product, this means that if we acquire a debt of $ 1,000 to be paid in the span of one year with a CAT of 60%, we would end up paying $ 1,600 without considering the expenses that can be generated by surcharges or account management.

Pledge loans are a very smart option if we are sure we can settle the debt within the established time frame

Pledge loans are a very smart option if we are sure we can settle the debt within the established time frame

The advantage of this type of loans is that they are obtained quickly and if they are adequately covered we can recover our pledge for a small additional cost to the amount of money we receive. We can get Loans on cars , for our house, electronic devices or for our jewelry and antiques. This type of stores usually keep the garment or object, as a guarantee that they will receive payments for the money they lent us. If the term we requested has ended, we have not been able to cover our debt, there is the option of an endorsement or an extension of time that will allow us to settle our debt and recover our possessions in exchange for a small fee. If our debt is not covered within the established deadlines, our belongings are offered for sale or auction to the general public to recover the loan investment and account management. That is why these establishments provide only a small percentage of the real value of our garment.

There is always the option to get money with a lender to interest, but it is not usually the best idea, their interests are usually very high and the payment is set in very forced periods, in addition the breach in their guidelines can even lead to personal problems and legal

If you have thought or an unforeseen event that forces us to obtain a sum of important money, the loans on cars , are the best option, because if we acquire a loan on our house and for some inconvenience we can not fulfill the corresponding payments, we can lose our heritage. On the other hand, having enough jewelry to obtain a considerable sum of money is not easy, gold is an investment that increases in value year after year and in the long run our loss will be greater, in a few words: it is not profitable. Most of the security companies, when leaving our car as a guarantee of their money, usually keep them and we can not know what they are exposed to; we also run the risk that by remaining unused for a long time, suffer damage or changes in its operation; without mentioning that we are losing the advantages of owning a car; or worse, if our car is our source of income it will be impossible for us to even have this option.

If you had an unexpected or need money to start a business, trip or project, do not forget to go to trusted companies and read carefully each of the clauses that are offered, but if you need a loan, you want a company that offer you confidence, experience and professionalism, go with the Auto Loans specialists.

In Auto Loans you can get a loan in 24 hours, we also offer you up to 60% of the commercial value of your vehicle. You do not need an endorsement to acquire our services, nor an excellent credit history, since it is possible to obtain a loan with us even though you are in Buró de Crédito. We offer you amounts of up to $ 250,000, which you can cover in plans that we draw specially to your payment possibilities and with an extension of up to two years. We know how heavy it can be to be subject to long terms, even when we already have enough money in our hands to cover or reduce our debt; that’s why we do not handle penalty fees for those who decide to make a prepayment of any amount.

The requirements to process a loan with us are very simple

The requirements to process a loan with us are very simple

You only have to have a car with no more than 10 years old, it must be in your name, and with all the papers in order. Call us by phone or fill out the loan application found on the contact tab on this page, and request an appointment at our offices or at your address. Remember that with us, in addition to obtaining a deadline that suits your needs and ability to pay, you will be able to continue driving your car regularly and also receive the benefits of a geolocation totally free. If you have any questions, call us and we will gladly advise you. At Auto Loans, we specialize in car loans .

Quick loans


Nowadays, getting a loan of money, whatever the amount, is a bit complicated and time consuming. Hundreds of companies offer this service, but not many of them are reliable, so you should be careful if your intention is to request one of these quick loans, because if you do not do it with conscience you risk falling into fraud or endless debts and impossible to pay.

You have to read very well the small print of the contracts that we signed at the time of requesting a loan or a financial credit. Likewise, a series of steps are essential, which we must follow when requesting one of these monetary services. Being cautious is key and investigating the requirements is the first steps to achieve this goal.

Some contracts are often unclear, so you have to give us enough time to see what all our options are. In Enmerkar, we are a leading company in Monterrey, which cares about the satisfaction of its clientele, that’s why we offer loans with flexible payment models to meet any need and possibility, we are different from any banking institution or pawnshop .

We have great benefits for our clients, surpassing the options of the competition, since our model proposes a whole series of improvements to the traditional forms of loans. We also have a fresh and new vision regarding the type of loan or credit you are looking for.

In our company, we will not ask for a guarantee to facilitate one of our quick loans

In our company, we will not ask for a guarantee to facilitate one of our quick loans

It is not necessary for another person to back you as your guarantor, we know that this requirement becomes complicated for many people, since getting someone else to stand up for us and at the same time comply with the requirements of economic solvency, is a so difficult

At Enmerkar, we believe that requesting an endorsement only hinders this process, so we also have the option of receiving the documents of your car as collateral and lending up to 250 thousand pesos, depending on the value of said vehicle, without this meaning retaining it with us in what you settle your debt, you can continue using it without problems, we will only place a GPS and we will ask you for a copy of your keys.

Among the requirements to obtain a loan for your vehicle with our company, we will only request that such unit is not greater than 10 years, that it is a national car, unfortunately we do not accept regularized foreign cars. Another requirement is to present 5 receipts to check the tenancy and a duplicate of the keys. This car must be in the name of the person requesting the loan and have an insurance policy that covers the period of the commitment.

If what stops you to apply for one of our quick loans, is the fact that you are on the negative list of the so-called credit bureau for not paying some of your debts in commercial stores, banking institutions or financial loans, in Enmerkar we know that Many times this measure is exaggerated, so we do not take it into account to provide a loan.

As far as our quick loans are concerned

quick loans

We have many payment schemes among which you can choose the one that best suits your possibilities and needs. We have many options among which you will find the one that best suits what you want, since you can select between our fixed monthly payments, during the period that always suits the applicant.

Depending on the amount you borrow and your ability to pay, it will be the payments you will be making with us. Our intention is to facilitate this process, that’s why we have so many payment options, the terms we give you go from one day to six months and in case you need more time, we can extend the contract and renew the settlement date.

Something you should know about our service is that the minimum amount we pay in Enmerkar is 20 thousand pesos, but we do not charge you any commission for opening a loan, in the same way, you are not charged a penalty to cover before your term your debt with us, since from two months of the loan made, you can settle your debt.

With Enmerkar you can get quick loans in less than 24 hours and in the comfort of your home because if you do not want to carry out this procedure in our offices, our representatives go to your house from the first appointment, so you do not bother to move . We are a company that puts the comfort of its customers first and maintains maximum discretion and confidentiality. Rest assured that you will not be wrong to trust us. Do not doubt it, we are the best in the market.

We have two options regarding the delivery of the loan money, since this can be done through a bank transfer or through a check, according to the requestor. Do you really need more benefits than the above mentioned? Do not think it over and come with us, our advisors will be happy to assist you. 

Loans | offers you a quick and easy solution

Can you imagine a sunny day, the sound of the waves breaking on the coast, with the breeze gently hitting your face, and the sand sliding between your fingers? It sounds very good, does not it? Although thinking about the capital that you will have to spend for it, you could ruin such a beautiful vision, since sometimes you do not have the liquidity to take a break on the beach, the mountain or any tourist destination.

With experience in the market of more than 10 years, offers you a quick and easy solution to have the liquidity to make a trip or for any other reason for which you need money.

Loans are made through your car, that is, you are lent up to 60% of the value of the vehicle, and in capital a limit of up to 250,000 pesos; It is a sum that can provide you with economic ease. This without the condition that you leave your car engaged, that is, you can continue using and moving in your vehicle, since you will only leave the documentation of the car and place a Geolocator in the car for safety reasons.

The loans are granted in a minimum period of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours from the first appointment made with us. For your convenience we offer the option of going to your home to make the assessment of the vehicle and the necessary paperwork, something that the competition does not have, or we put at your disposal the option of going to our offices located in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

In order to dispose of the loans, we do not request that you have a guarantee and the credit

In order to dispose of the loans, we do not request that you have a guarantee and the credit

The bureau is not reviewed to give the green light to the provision of the capital immediately. Both great facilities for you to get the money faster and without unnecessary complications, if they exist in other institutions such as banks or pawnshops, where the procedures are cumbersome and slow, even when you meet the long list of requirements that you They ask to grant loans, credits or financing. Just as they have conditions and contracts that are not very clear and are very little transparent, so you could fall into a huge debt that makes them very difficult and even impossible to pay for certain economies.

We believe that if people are in need of borrowing it is because they need to have the cash in a fast way and what they least want in that time is to get paperwork to perform the procedures and acquiring a guarantee that is responsible for them, besides that many prefer to say that they can not or can not help when the situation gets complicated, that is why Leopold Bloom no longer considers the use of a guarantee as something necessary or that it is a guarantee.

Payment terms are an important issue for our customers and we must talk before and make clear to our customers, that characterizes Leopold Bloom as a transparent company both for the terms and conditions of the contract and for the revisions of your account. After the appraisal of your car is done, you can choose one of the two payment schemes that you are given more. The first scheme is the traditional one, in which monthly interest will be paid only and at the end of the term the capital is paid, in terms of a maximum of six months with the option to renew. The following scheme is of fixed payments; consists of 6 to 24 months of monthly fixed payments. Our recommendation is that you be realistic and choose the payment plan that best suits your possibilities and that is easier for you to carry out; to avoid having delays or problems with payments.

Once you have reviewed and accepted the conditions and chosen an appropriate payment scheme for you, keeps the copies of the car documents and for security reasons, we proceed to investigate such documents.

As a precautionary measure and to use your car freely, we will continue to install a Geolocator in the vehicle, you will be charged a small fee for the installation of this. The contract is then signed and the loan will be delivered to you either by check or by bank transfer.

Leopold Bloom asks for some requirements about the car and about the documentation that must be delivered:

  • The car must be a national car, not older than 10 years.
  • The loan applicant must be the legal owner of the vehicle
  • A copy of your official identification, proof of address, circulation card and the insurance policy of the automobile must be valid.
  • The original documents that must be submitted are the invoice of the car, the last 5 payments of tenures, vehicle registration and duplicate of the keys.

In order to obtain the loans within 12 to 24 hours

In order to obtain the loans within 12 to 24 hours

It is necessary that you already have such documents at hand. In case you have lost or do not have the latest payments of tenures, it is very easy to replace them, since in the vehicle control offices you can request proof of such documents.

All this is done in two appointments, which we remind you can be made to the comfort of your home or in the direction you require, guaranteeing privacy and comfort for you.